NUDGE: Empowering the New World of Work

Our Nudge technology provides daily NUDGES which are the reminders that help people form new habits. These are the essentials for long term behavioural change, whether that’s in remote teams or any other part of your business. NUDGE provides measurement and tracking for individuals as well as for the business, allowing monitoring of real time progress towards personal and/or business goals, and delivering improved performance to ensure BIG returns on your investment.

The theory of NUDGE technology is firmly based on behavioural science which shows that long term change is only delivered by a daily drum beat of marginal gains. At Black Isle, we believe that NUDGE is a game changer during and after COVID-19 to lead businesses to a new world of effective and valuable leadership development.

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NUDGE Screenshot

How does it work?

NUDGE Screenshot

Daily nudges to
encourage new habits

Summary of progress on a single dashboard

Real-time reporting on ROI

Integrated with Microsoft Outlook and Teams

Community Support Portal

NUDGE technology encourages:

  • Homeworkers to remain focused and engaged
  • Alignment and ownership of business objectives
  • Remote teams to track performance and wellbeing
  • Short sprints to deliver team goals
  • Regular coaching conversations with managers
  • Ownership of progress via personalised data