The People-Led CEO Podcast

13th October 2020

The People-Led CEO podcast: Jeremy Campbell and Wayne Clarke discuss People-Led Leadership. Guests include Paul Szumilewicz, Pinky Lilani and Atholl Duncan.

Has Covid Killed the Business District and the Business Lunch?

27th August 2020

Sometime soon Britain’s office workers will start to trickle back to their desks. But things will be far from the way we were. For every week the British stay put at their kitchen tables the economy in our Central Business Districts (CBDs) take another step towards the point of no return.

Are you finding remote working is not all it is cracked up to be?

20th August 2020

The shift to remote working was amazing in many ways. Now that it’s routine, businesses are finding it’s not what it was cracked up to be. Checkout our top tips on how to remedy common issues before performance slumps.

A new kind of leadership

14th August 2020

The current mood suggests that a new style of leadership will be required to engage employees in the future. With many claiming that the future needs empathetic leaders who could still call on a more directive approach when required.

Presenteeism is Dead!

12th August 2020

Covid-19 has finally bashed away presenteeism for ever.

Remote working has given many a newfound freedom. It will have liberated others to be more productive with their daily hours, freed from the torture of travel. But it raises many other existential questions.

We are proud to partner with Women of the Future

10th August 2020

We are proud to announce our partnership with the Women of the Future Programme, to provide executive coaching to some of the world’s top emerging female leaders.