What are the Top Podcasts for February 2018?


The number of podcasts seems to be increasing according to Moore’s Law. They are such a convenient and memorable way to take in information, particularly if you commute. Through podcasts, it’s easy to drink deep from the knowledge well, satisfy your interests and stimulate your thinking.

Last year we put together a list of some of our favourite podcasts of 2017. So many people liked the list, we are going to feature podcasts more regularly.


5 Podcasts for February


The Secret of Perfect Timing 
Counter, counter-intuitive podcast. From the author of ‘Drive’, Daniel Pink lifts the lid on a huge research project regarding everyday traps to avoid and opportunities to grasp to achieve better outcomes for ourselves. Simple and actionable.


How to Handle Information Overload (and Social Media)
Tim Ferris isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But he has some excellent ideas on how to control and restrict the relentless wave of information being catapulted at our attention span. The ideas are on the extreme side. I encourage you to adapt them to suit your situation.

(If you want to scare yourself about the extent to which technology companies plan to distract you, try the first 15 mins of this podcast ‘Manipulation’ or read this article by ex-Google design ethicist, Tristan Harris).


Recruitment, Brexit and the gender pay gap
Since the crisis, banks have found recruiting the brightest MBAs challenging. The hopefuls have been seduced by the thought of having their own nap-pod at a technology behemoth. But banks are fighting back. And hedge funds are showing their altruistic side by going on the attack to encourage gender-neutral pay. Whatever next…


Coaching for Performance with Sir John Whitmore
The Grandfather and overall Yoda of Coaching shares his insights on the evolution and the future of coaching, quality of life and the fate of Capitalism. Should driving instructors become driving coaches? And what would that do for the road fatality rate in Europe?


Hiring the best People
Patty McCord of Netflix presents a compelling point of view on hiring. Some great stories of how Netflix has hired people from unlikely situations. Furthermore, Patty challenges the idea of focussing too much on the haloed ‘cultural fit’ and needing to be able to socialise with colleagues.


Remind yourself of our Top Podcasts of 2017.