Top 5 Podcasts of 2017


2017 was an exciting year. The balance of power was swinging regularly between corporations and governments: between CEO’s and activist investors: and between leaders and employees. To help you make sense of the big stuff, I have summarised the pick of the podcasts from 2017.


On Leadership
“Together is better” – The RSA podcast with Simon Sinek

If I had to pick one that stands out, it’s this one. The passion, coherence and idealism of this talk is excellent. He is a superb communicator. Sinek understands that leadership is about the group, not the leader.


On Talent
“Our delusions about talent” – HBR podcast with Tomas Chamorro Premuzic

Debunking myths about Talent, this podcast provides controversial views on how to approach the Talent in 2018. LinkedIn says 70% of people are passive job-seekers so you better pay attention to your ‘vital few’.


On Decision Making
“A field guide to lies” – RSA podcast with Dan Levitin (number 75)

The concept of Alt-facts and Post-truth has grown legs. It means we are bombarded with more and more information and less of it is ‘true’. Snug in our own echo chambers, determining truth from truthiness is tricky. Levitin shows us how to have a critical ear.


On Entrepreneurship
“The billionaire maverick” – Tim Ferris podcast with Richard Branson

With more and more of the population becoming self-employed and working in the gig economy, this podcast is great for ‘caution to the wind’ stories. Branson talks about challenging the status quo and taking risks. Enjoy.


On Storytelling
“The hero’s journey” – The NPR Ted radio hour

Stories are as old as our species. We have always told them and they transcend all forms of communication. In an age of utterly boring, hackneyed business speak, how can your messages stand out? By departure, challenge and return.


These podcasts are available on both Android and Apple platforms.