The #1 weapon for success in the “ideas boom”


In December 2015, the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced the National Innovation and Science Agenda for Australia. He said the mining boom will be replaced by the “ideas boom.” While you may be relatively successful in coming up with new ideas, are you confident in your ability to commercialise and promote them?

For the ideas boom to become a reality, Australian businesses need to do more to generate and communicate new ideas. While Australia has been relatively successful in coming up with new ideas over the years, we are not good at promoting and commercialising ideas.

Potential generators and promoters of new ideas in today’s organisations often fail to commercialise ideas successfully, either because:

  • While they are comfortable presenting data, they are ill-equipped or reluctant to present insights and ideas
  • Management doesn’t do enough to foster the promotion of new ideas, or
  • They have never been taught how to communicate insights and new ideas in a way that will persuade management.

Time and time again, we hear management complain that good ideas presented by technical specialists (in IT, finance, engineering, science, etc) get lost in the detail.

Before organisations can succeed in commercialising innovative ideas, the generators and promoters of these ideas must be able to present them with clarity and persuasion.

Black Isle Communications has developed a training program specifically to address this need. Our Communicating Insights and New Ideas two-day workshop enables idea generators and promoters to communicate their ideas clearly, confidently and persuasively, without wasting management time. It provides the structure, skills and tools needed to communicate and commercialise ideas via the spoken and written word.