Evidence based insight into your human asset

Top Talent

Do you have the ability to assess talent objectively and without bias, so that you can identify future potential?

Our bespoke analytics allow you to pinpoint your future leaders and their specific development needs, saving you considerable time and money.

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Succession Planning

Few organisations address this in a systematic way. Our analytics help to identify the next generation and match them against your future demands.

This means you can be much more proactive and filling gaps doesn’t present a significant risk.

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Team Performance

Using high quality psychometrics, we help you to create agile teams with a higher chance of success together, who can stay the course during a demanding project, or ‘click’ faster with greater accountability.

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Board Development

Putting our reputational data on the table can facilitate a debate around remedying blind spots and dysfunctional behaviours.

You need to be aligned in order to create a better functioning board – we will get you there.

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"Data can be the lifeblood of an organization if it is allowed to flow freely across the entire ecosystem."

Herman Heyns Partner

Team Resilience

The impact of change can lead to stress and a reduction in productivity. Leaders need to stay resourceful.

Our advice will help you to develop the toughness, flexibility and inner strength that is required to overcome stressful situations.

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Executive Assessment

Not being tied to a specific assessment leaves us free to create the correct process for your specific context.

We can create short, objective aides for your recruitment decisions or more detailed, in-depth profiles for executive roles.

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