Speaking to the media? Wear a gum shield


What an opportunity for the Greens to get their message across? They must be kicking themselves. Given a national platform to inject clarity and credibility to their policies, Natalie Bennett fell a little short. I do question who advises Politicians on the methods of personal communication. The damage was totally avoidable for two reasons.

Firstly, Mrs Bennett had failed to do what anyone would do before speaking in public and under pressure – prepare. I’m not going to say anything further on the necessity of preparation, it’s obvious. If you are going to play rugby, wear a gum shield.

The second thing I would like to mention is what I call the “did you have an extra biscuit?” exchange. When a kid has blatantly taken liberties with the biscuit tin, all the inquiring parent wants is a straight and honest answer. This is kid’s stuff!

We are all human and we all misplace information and forget things. Evasive, defiant and obfuscating is a style that will infuriate any audience. The paradox is that she would probably attract more credibility by simply saying “I don’t know the answer to that”. On a human level, I must say I did feel sorry for her. It must have been an awful experience.

Politics, like business, is a contact sport. Fail to prepare for the tackle and you might end up with a black (or Green) eye.

If you have any media, radio or important events coming up, please get in touch for some friendly advice.