Speak like Obama – how to speak with impact and engagement


Whether you agree with his politics or not, most would say that President Barack Obama knows all about proper pace and eye contact; the keys to speaking with impact and influence.

Fine, but what is it exactly that he’s really doing? Most importantly, can you do it too?

In our first white paper, Is_Anybody_Listening, we stated that good, relaxed conversation is Receiver Driven. In a one-to-one conversation, the speaker (transmitter) needs to observe reactions from the listener (receiver) as he or she talks. In fact, it’s the receiver who controls the pace of the transmitter. Through nods, puzzled looks or other verbal or non-verbal signals, the receiver encourages the transmitter to speed up, slow down, even to stop.

Certainly that makes sense one-on-one, but how on earth can it work one to 1,000? If I’m speaking to a large group, how can I seem to give the audience control yet convey my message?

President Obama understands that connecting with an audience of 1 or 1,000 has everything to do with his pace and his eye contact; both of which need to be well timed.

Wouldn’t you like to speak like President Obama? Download this Communications Training White Paper ‘Speak_Like_Obama– How To Speak With Impact And Engagement’.