Learning outcomes:

This masterclass is adaptable, to suit your needs. Typically, we help you to:

  1. Build a shared understanding of what makes a successful leader
  2. Differentiate intent from impact
  3. Define identity and reputation
  4. Recognise your personal values, strengths and gaps
  5. Increase your self-unawareness
  6. Create a personal action plan

Typical masterclass content:

  1. Know thyself – what makes a leader?
  2. Intent vs impact – people judge you on the impact
  3. Identity vs reputation – reputation is all you have to trade on
  4. Personal brand – what is distinctive about you?
  5. Mind the gap – understanding needs, strengths and gaps
  6. Action planning – how do I enhance my reputation?


The masterclass underscored a number of easy wins and techniques around self-awareness, which when implemented will allow me to engage with a given audience in a more effective and convincing manner. The day was well structured and well run.

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