Learning outcomes:

We tailor our coaching to suit you and your business situation. Typically, our coaching helps you:

  1. Understand better the impact you have on other people
  2. Develop your own team coaching and delegation
  3. Shift your outlook from day-to-day matters toward strategy
  4. Refine your communication skills, to help you lead through change and have more impact when speaking
  5. Reflect on how your work/life balance affects clear thinking and a growth mindset

Typical masterclass content:

Our coaching draws on a wide range of knowledge, according to your business need. The topics we commonly consider include:

  1. Intention vs impact – psychometrics and 360s used to develop self-awareness
  2. The art of letting go – leading by empowering others
  3. Leader versatility – when to be strategic and when to be enabling
  4. Clear communication – using storytelling principles to engage colleagues
  5. Better judgement – how a poor work/life balance corrupts business judgement


Partnering with a coach and career advisor has been a transformative experience. In a short period, I was able reacquaint with pieces of myself I had brushed aside or hidden. These discoveries and the awareness of them delivered incredible insight, and helped determine how I have chosen to move forward.

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