Learning outcomes:

This masterclass is adaptable, to suit your needs. Typically, we help you to:

  1. Create clear messages that engage audiences
  2. Understand and practice silence and eye contact for greater impact
  3. Consciously choose whether to use a screen, script or notes to support you
  4. Understand and control the effects of adrenaline
  5. Prepare thoroughly for Q&A sessions

Typical masterclass content:

We combine input, discussion and filming to give you a practical and engaging experience.

  1. Authentic delivery – finding your natural voice and style, and being comfortable using them
  2. Listener-focused messages – speaking simply and clearly on what interests your audience
  3. Visual aids – knowing when to use visual aids and when to avoid them
  4. Flexing your style – adapting your style to suit the audience’s listening preferences
  5. Question handling – dealing comfortably with difficult questions and objections


What I found most useful about the coaching was to keep my messages simple. I simplified how I used my slides and reduced the number of messages I tried to communicate to my audience.

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