Learning outcomes:

This masterclass is adaptable, to suit your needs. Typically, we help you to:

  1. Understand how innovation works, and the key elements of the creative process
  2. Approach innovation as a practical method, using the five Innovation Skills
  3. Apply the Innovation Skills to generate practical solutions
  4. Define the issue at hand and collaborate with others to generate innovative solutions to real-life challenges
  5. Deploy a set of simple innovation tools in your workplace

Typical masterclass content:

This highly dynamic session uses real business challenges, practical exercises and new stimuli to demystify innovation.

  1. Why innovate? – creating the case for innovation
  2. Disruption – breaking down the normal patterns of thinking and behaving
  3. Stages – the five stages of creation
  4. Skills – the five Innovation Skills
  5. Practice – applying the principles of innovation


I just wanted to reiterate how brilliant this masterclass was. I got a huge amount from it, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

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