Learning outcomes:

This masterclass is adaptable, to suit your needs. Typically, we help you to:

  1. Understand how to run internal discussions, to get the best outcomes
  2. Facilitate discussion forums confidently with clients
  3. Handle controversial issues and establish control in difficult situations
  4. Recognise and use enhanced body language, including posture, gesture and eye contact
  5. Overcome blocks to progress in meetings and workshops

Typical masterclass content:

We combine input, discussion and filming to give you a practical and engaging experience.

  1. World-class basics – recognising the seven key skills of effective facilitation
  2. Structuring – process and planning
  3. Content – selecting the right amount of content for participants’ needs
  4. Live practice – realistic, conditioned situations


Great session, with practical tips and challenging conditions, which has really made a difference to my skills as a facilitator for internal and external meetings.

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