Learning outcomes:

This masterclass is adaptable, to suit your needs. Typically, we help you to:

  1. Communicate with impact, by using more focused content and a conversational style of delivery
  2. Understand how effective relationships are built through trust
  3. Apply a framework for running more effective meetings
  4. Identify and choose communication strategies based on others’ needs

Typical masterclass content:

We combine input, discussion and filming to give you a practical and engaging experience.

  1. The first 90 seconds – how to start strong
  2. Meeting control – understanding where and when to control the flow
  3. Trust – not how to build it, but how to be worthy of it
  4. Questioning – uncovering client needs with crisp questioning
  5. Agreement – closing meetings and advancing the relationship


The masterclass challenged received wisdom about running client meetings and developing trust with stakeholders. Impactful session, professionally delivered.

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