Reinforce corporate values and mission by branding your training event


Branding is a common strategy used by firms, but you may wonder what it could have to do with training events.

Effective branding is a prerequisite for companies and institutions that want to reach out to people, and hence good training events can reinforce the company’s ideology and values to employees. 

Not your ordinary training

While some companies choose to hold training events in a hotel with the venue’s branding everywhere, companies can actually maximise such events if they replaced the hotel’s branding with their own.

Primarily, training events are held to improve the skills of the employees. However another important purpose of training events is to instil the company’s values and mission in the minds and hearts of the employees. Branding these training events is actually a major leap towards the purpose of the events. From the beginning, the materials used in the training sessions, the activities, the rooms, and pretty much everything else, employees will see nothing aside from the training event’s branding. This will help maximise learning retention, increase motivation, and pave the way for inspiration.

Training as an investment

Training events that also develop the employees’ understanding of the company and its mission, values, products, and services offered are wise investments. Companies should never take such events for granted. It ensures that no matter what happens, employees will make decisions and take actions that embody the companies’ values.


How to do it right?

With the benefits of branded training events established, the question is how exactly do you do it right? Here are some tips:

1. Communicate clearly

This is the perfect time wherein the employees minds are conditioned to listen. Take this perfect opportunity to make your message clear. In addition, make the employees realise the importance of communication.

2. Effective incorporation

There will always be an appropriate way to incorporate the company’s values and mission into training events no matter if it’s technical or soft skill training. Always open your eyes and mind for the perfect opportunity to align.

3. Branding everywhere

Use your company logo on different materials such as leaflets, signs, videos, table napkins and cups. If there’s an outside element to the training, perhaps use a branded jacket.

4. Envision the effects

Think about your projected outcome from the training. All of these are opportunities to engage following the programme, such as evaluation videos, infographics and follow up sessions.

5. Whole company affair

Involve different concerned departments in the training. Seeing the purpose of the training event from different perspectives can help load the event with different yet related learnings for the employees.

Creativity saves money and maximises a company’s resources. An open mind sees opportunities for creativity. Creativity and an open mind are exactly what you need for successfully aligning corporate values and training.