Practise makes perfect – ‘Have a net’ before you present


Some years ago a great series of books was written by Timothy Galway called The Inner Game.

It focused on the mental challenges that sometimes have to be overcome to play sports such as golf and tennis.

As a sportsman I appreciate the frustrations a lack of consistency can bring – I took up cricket only recently – but I have learned that mental preparation makes a huge difference to my performance. As a cricketer would say, I “have a net” before I play. I practise so that I can get into the zone. When I am relaxed I play well.

It’s the same with communication. When people have to present they can learn the skills required to present with clarity, brevity and impact but they also need to be in the right frame of mind. We teach people to do this by giving them a set of skills that reproduce their natural relaxed style.

They therefore communicate more effectively and will get a very positive reaction from the audience. It’s the reason why combining skills coaching and practise can help produce a fantastic result.


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