Why use analytics?

Human capital sits at the heart of business performance. Developing human capital is one of the most significant investments for any business, whether in growth, stability or retrenchment. Unconscious bias and other preference traps can lead to poor decisions, so it makes pure business sense for people decisions to be based more on fact and less on subjective judgement.

Measuring and predicting human performance, behaviour, predispositions, personality types and capability aids objectivity, both in making decisions relating to people, and in achieving the best outcomes from those decisions. Gathering and using data and evidence helps remove risk and underpin success

Fundamental Process

How Black Isle can help

Strategic Change and Insights. Data on culture and profiling organisational values can really help with reorganisations, mergers & acquisitions, and other exceptional business activity.

Recruitment and Resourcing. Our input can help you assess if people are a right fit for the role and organisation.

Leadership and Management Development. Our psychometric data enables better-informed individual development and career trajectories.

Team Development and Performance. We reinterpret aggregated psychometric data to develop a team persona or profile that highlights inherent team strengths, potential weaknesses and other factors to be aware of when deploying or reshaping a team.

Board Effectiveness. Our analytics inform board reviews, in combination with expert assessment on aspects of board and board-member performance, such as relationships, ethical conduct, decision making and process execution.

Talent Identification and Management. We use data to help you plan strategically and design tomorrow’s business.

Our Principles

Six fundamental principles guide our approach, focus and effort:

  • Context is everything. We invest time to really understand your business, your plans and ambitions, and your people and leaders. This investment helps us identify and feel confident about ‘what excellent performance is’ for a role, a team, or the whole of your organisation.
  • A blend of art and science. We bring rigour and process alongside experience, seasoned judgement and wisdom.
  • We appreciate the future is unknown. We see the future of the workplace as extremely dynamic and unpredictable, with many uncertainties – and we have the agility to respond.
  • No ‘one size fits all’. We don’t push specific psychometrics or pre-built models of what performance measurement means for your business.
  • Objectivity towards managing risk. Our priority is to mitigate against the key risk of human bias, putting you confidently in charge of your decision making.
  • The experience is a positive one. We prefer to develop long- term relationships with our clients, so we make our services work swiftly and smoothly for everyone, to ensure that the people involved enjoy and get value from the experience.