The Battle of Waterloo

Waterloo: 5 Leadership lessons from Napoleon & The Duke

20th September 2017

Leadership observations from the Battle of Waterloo and two of the world’s greatest military leaders.

Coaching & Skills Development - Pause and think before you start

Future leaders will need to lead differently, by learning differently

13th September 2017

Leaders of the future need to create space to think and learn. They need to pause.

The Trust Equation

7th September 2017

Increase your trustworthiness with the four variables of the Trust Equation.

What kind of leader are you?

Are you a “kind” leader?

31st August 2017

4 tips for practising “Kind” Leadership

Embracing the Millennial Worker. They want to change the world

Are you embracing the Millennial Worker?

23rd August 2017

One millennial gives her perspective on the core values of this rising workforce.

Usain Bolt: Get to the top with the right coach

Achieve the Pinnacle of Your Success – The right coach will help you

16th August 2017

A strong relationship with the right coach will help you achieve the pinnacle of your success

Taking positive steps forward to the future

What do great leaders do? Take positive steps forward

9th August 2017

4 simple things to focus on when you get back to work after summer

Prioritising time with those you love

Is it time to take back control of your life?

2nd August 2017

Take back control of your life with these 5 tips and 3 minutes.

Do employers need to invest more in soft skills training?

13th July 2017

How soft skills can be the difference between success and failure in the job market.