MD of Black Isle in Top 25 LinkedIn Leadership and Communication Coaches


Congratulations to Tim Richardson who has been recognised as one of the Top 25 LinkedIn Leadership & Communications coaches out of over 46,000 registered with the business network site. As CEO of Black Isle Group, Tim is the pioneer of the company’s London office and has grown the brand to represent excellence in the sector across Europe. His engaging and natural communication style is reflected in the pioneering courses he delivers and the results his clients achieve.

“The best they had ever experienced”
One client recently commented: “Tim is undoubtedly a leader in the field of leadership communication. During the 10+ years I have worked with Tim and Black Isle, the executive communication and presentation skills coaching that he delivered to both me and many of my colleagues were the best we had ever experienced“. Tim’s coaching services are embraced by executives in the most respected firms in the world and he is shaping leadership and communication in the financial and legal sectors.

What gives Tim the edge
Tim is one of only three London-based coaches to make it into the Top 25 but is the only one to have front line leadership experience. Before founding Black Isle in London in 1999 Tim had a distinguished career as an officer in the British Army. With numerous active tours around the world, Tim was a front line leader of the Royal Artillery’s land offensive in the Gulf War in 1991, where his outstanding leadership and communication skills proved crucial.

About Black Isle Group
Black Isle Group provides industry-leading training in leadership coaching, presentation and business development in over four continents: the UK, North America, Asia and Australia. The company focuses on developing engaged, inspirational and authentic executive leaders with a focus on the legal and financial markets. They offer personal coaching, workshops and blended learning programmes to executives looking to improve their communication skills to a world class level.