“We need to inject humanity back into leadership.”
– Marian Salzman

“I hope we will be a more caring and kind society.”
– Pinky Lilani

“How do you want to be remembered at a time when the world is paying attention?”
– Derek Deasy

“The full impact of this is enormous. We are not returning to the past.”
– George Hongchoy

“You need to bring your boldest self to a crisis but don’t do it on your own.”
– Richard Bevan

“I wish a revolution could be born out of this crisis.”
– Pocket Sun

“The one thing this proves is that trickle-down economics doesn’t work.”
– Sacha Romanovitch

“Diplomacy for the next generation, if not several generations, is going to be redrawn.”
– Gary Liu

“With COVID-19, every single long-held belief has been thrown out of the window.”
– Christian Lanng

“Globalization has made us better off, but better for whom? Better off for only 10%.”
– Martin Gilbert

“This is a reckoning, a moment of truth when organizations will be judged on giving purpose, real meaning, through action, not words.”
– Sally Osman


Atholl Duncan is chair of leadership development business, Black Isle Group. He worked as a journalist, TV producer and executive for the BBC for more than 20 years. He was Head of News and Current Affairs for BBC Scotland. Atholl is Chair of Coaching UK and is an INSEAD certified coach, who has studied leadership at Harvard and Cranfield.

Atholl Duncan
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People-Led CEO Podcast

The People-Led CEO podcast: Jeremy Campbell and Wayne Clarke discuss People-Led Leadership. Guests include Paul Szumilewicz, Pinky Lilani and Atholl Duncan.

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Forthcoming Leaders in Lockdown webinar with Atholl Duncan

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The Chair of Black Isle Group and Author of “Leaders in Lockdown” is available to speak on webinars, conferences and virtual conferences and to talk to leadership teams to share the insights of the project and the seven themes for re-setting business strategies for the future.

“A compelling insight into a remarkable period in time. These stories capture the unique challenges business leaders faced in the Covid-19 crisis and offer a still spinning crystal ball into how our world will change in the future.”
– Kirsty Wark, BBC Newsnight Presenter, Journalist and Broadcaster

“Topical and insightful, Atholl Duncan gets under the skin of leaders navigating the most challenging business environment for decades. Essential reading.”
– Liam Kelly, Enterprise Correspondent, The Sunday Times

“The pandemic told us irrefutably that our world must change. This book tells us how.”
– Jeremy Campbell, CEO of Black Isle Group

“In the midst of a global, ground-shifting crisis, this book offers a comprehensive insight into the positive determination and opportunity that defines leadership in such a situation. The seven themes it highlights are essential understanding for leaders from all sectors in the post-pandemic future.”
– Lieutenant General Richard Nugee, CVO, CB, CBE, Former Chief of Defence People at the UK Ministry of Defence


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The People-Led CEO Podcast

The People-Led CEO podcast: Jeremy Campbell and Wayne Clarke discuss People-Led Leadership. Guests include Paul Szumilewicz, Pinky Lilani and Atholl Duncan.

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