Our methodology: creating and delivering a seamless participant experience

While our programmes focus on the human process of leadership, we take a rigorous approach to their design and delivery. This gives us a clear and practical approach to developing programmes that serve our clients’ needs and realities.

Participant experience

We work together with our clients to create a seamless participant experience that works for their people. Budget constraints, busy work schedules, and people spread over multiple locations present different challenges for every organisation. This is our starting point: we get to know your organisation, its context, how things are, and how things need to be different to deliver against your strategic objectives. Then we codify these to identify the behavioural shifts and capabilities that are needed to achieve those goals. This helps us build an experience for participants, drawing on a variety of methods to disrupt current thinking and replace it with new perspectives that represent the required behavioural shifts.

Typical participant experience

Create ownership and connection

Our programmes are congruent: they embody the ideas and behaviours we want participants to learn, to help them shift their current behaviours to the desired state. At their heart are two key principles: ownership and connection.

Ownership. We support participants to claim ownership of their development, their actions and their thinking. Our broad aim is that they shift from operating dependently within organisational silos, to working interdependently with other parts of the organisation, in ways that create enterprise-wide impact.

Connection. To do this, we encourage them to connect with other people: not only in transacting, but also in sharing the exploration of ideas, discovery of possibilities, and how these are embedded into everyday work.

Deliver disruptive and compelling interventions

We want to create real change, so we focus on outputs, not content. More than simply bringing new ideas, we also need to challenge the old ways of doing things. We have a well-developed approach to helping leaders make simple but significant shifts in their behaviours, to become more effective.

How we deliver this approach is driven by our three guiding values:


working alongside participants to find solutions


offering only content and ideas that specifically help them make useful shifts


keeping total focus on their needs, giving just the right balance of challenge and support