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How we can help your team communicate with impact and influence

When it comes to the workplace, the ability to clearly state what you want will get you far. No one advances to a successful CEO position (or a career in politics, for that matter) without a dynamic and influential communication style. If you struggle with this, don’t fret: you are completely normal. In fact, many people have issues when they first start out. They lack the confidence and experience they need in order to be a driving force in their organisation.

Our recent article in HRD Magazine covers the topic of communicating with impact and influence using EQ as the main focus.  This will give you more of an idea of how we approach the topic.

Leadership Development - Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
Leadership Development – Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Thankfully, like most skills, this is something that you can improve upon with practice, guidance and dedication. Take online courses, read books on communication, read blogs (like our one), and even consider joining a workshop or night class.

Improving your impact and influence in the workplace

No matter how good your ideas, if you can’t effectively share them with others, your vision will go unrealised. Yet, your employees, colleagues and supervisors will all be excited and motivated by your eloquence, drive and creativity, and you will see your ideas realised in the world around you.

In a business capacity, creative communication expert George Hallenbeck (link to blogs??) emphasises its importance. “Without the capacity to influence others, your ability to make what you envision a reality remains elusive because, after all, no one can do it alone. Without the ability to capture the hearts, minds, and energy of others, the truly important things in work and in life can’t be achieved.”

No one likes to be commanded or ‘bossed around’ – instead, your team is just waiting for you to inspire and encourage them with your vision.

Executive Coach - Lindy CozensMD and Coach, Tom Blower

Our Coaches will support the team with four specific things you can do to creating impact and influence

  1. Work on your political savvy – In order to affect change within your organisation, you need to embrace corporate culture and work within the existing system – that is, until you are in a position to change it for the better!
  2. Promote yourself effectively – Self-promotion is necessary for anyone who wants to inspire confidence and influence others. This helps you cut through the noise and promote yourself in ways that helps yourself, as well as others.
  3. Build trust and stand by your word – If you want to be a position where you guide, lead and mentor others, they must be able to feel that they can depend and rely on you. Like in so many other areas of life, trust is key.
  4. Leverage your existing networks – No one can go at it alone. You need to tap into your existing networks (and build new connections) in order to make the biggest impact.

Remember – you are not trying to manipulate or ‘trick’ anyone into adhering to your goals and adopting your ideas. In order to be an effective leader, you will need to assess each specific situation and cater your approach accordingly. This prevents you from sounding like a robot and ensures you maintain your authenticity and build strong relationships with your team.

Client Story

Impact & Influence

We were asked by a leading UK retail bank to improve the practical influencing skills of their top 100 business leaders. Our client’s challenge was to deliver something "world class" to their people that would have a lasting legacy, as well as set the standard of leadership communication skills within the retail bank.

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