Is anybody listening?


Some food for thought about how to be an impactful and engaging speaker.

He was captivating. As the senior marketing executive of a major global social networking company, I held on to his every word. But that was at the reception, 20 minutes ago. Now, talking to 1,500 people he seemed so different. The audience came with great anticipation, as did I, but you could see that now they were bored to tears, getting caught up on their texts. Some were even walking out.

Why couldn’t he be the same person he was at the reception, confident and engaging?

Likely because he thought that when standing in front of an audience he had to be somebody he’s not: an orator, someone with proper grammar who speaks in long, flowing sentences, someone who pushes information out to his audience and pauses appropriately at commas and periods. That’s not what his audience wanted. They wanted the man I saw at the reception, a genuine, experienced marketing leader simply having a conversation.

This pattern is not unusual. In fact, 9 out of 10 marketing executives are terrific conversationalists, yet they are terribly boring when they speak in front of an audience. But the man on stage today was a marketing professional speaking to a room full of 1,500 individuals. Engaging an audience, any audience, should have been his strong suit; clearly it wasn’t.

It is not enough to have the best product, the best brand or the best idea, or even to be the best at marketing them. It is equally, if not more important, to be able to speak about that product, brand or idea. This requires a depth of understanding about spoken communication and the ability to project your product and yourself in the most impactful way. Download the rest of this free Communications Training White Paper: ‘Is_Anybody_Listening– How To Speak With Impact And Engagement’