Impact & Influence top tip 1: “From the hospitality suite”


Recently, I attended a hospitality event for an England sports match. During the meal they wheeled out a number of “old greats” to pick the raffle winners and talk about the game.

With 400 people in the room enjoying the delights of hospitality, there was some healthy background chatter. Whilst the sporting great was being asked questions, the Interviewer had to “sssssh” some sections of noisy diners repeatedly: much to his annoyance.

The Interviewers’ attempts fell on deaf ears until the sporting great responded to a question with, “I remember in ’86 when we were touring Asia, I’ll never forget this, I was sharing a room with…..”

The crowd went from rowdy exuberance to judicious silence. The change in atmosphere was so remarkable I thought to myself, “What has happened?”

He had moved from talking tactics and weather conditions to storytelling! Humans just love stories. When trying to explain a situation or deliver a key message, use stories to engage your audience and keep chatter to a minimum.


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