Impact and Influence Top Tip 2: “Because Branson Says So…..”


Most people reading this blog will have had the displeasure of sitting through a pitch, meeting, conference or presentation where the speaker’s self-awareness has temporarily been removed from their body.

As soon as any audience sits down they are likely thinking:

  • When will I be able to check my smartphone?
  • How long till a comfort/coffee break?
  • What’s in this for me?

You might be thinking all three.

The trick therefore to constructing an engaging business message is to:

  • Frame a message from the point of view of your audience – put them first
  • Keep your ideas short and digestible

One way you can try and achieve this is by thinking how you might explain the idea you have to a friend over a cup of coffee. This will help you construct a simple, conversational message, rather than a formal one.

In a recent article for the Guardian, Richard Branson’s advice for all business pitchers seemed to have been lifted from Black Isle’s “Win The Pitch” Programme:-

“The most important thing is to be concise. My own feeling is that a good idea can be written on the back of an envelope.”

Impact will be achieved by making your message bespoke for your audience and by following the “less is more” principle.


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