Impact and Influence tip 4: “Adjusting your style is key”


There was a simple contract up for negotiation between two businesses. Each business sent their top performer but one thing got in the way; personality.

One person was an “A-type”; assertive, impatient and ambitious – very much a “get to the point” person. The other was a “C-type”; friendly, collaborative and entertaining – very much a “big picture” guy. The negotiation failed and they both walked away empty handed because their variance in communication style frustrated the other.

There is no right or wrong way to communicate, just differences in the way we like to send and receive information. Most people actually only send it one way; the way they always have. To achieve more from your interactions, follow this principle:-

Adapt the way you communicate depending on the listener’s personality.

If you were going in to pitch for investment to Sir Alan Sugar you would do things differently to if you were going to pitch to Prince Charles for some charitable funding. For Sir Alan it would be to the point, full of benefits for him and loads of time for him to interrogate you. For Prince Charles it would involve story-telling, be full of the social benefits and case studies.

For maximum influence, think about how your listener would like to receive information and oblige.


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