How often are you accepting average communication skills as good enough?


Each day we are hit with around 3,000 messages.

Marketing, PR and business communications compete for our attention. What are your team doing to ensure they stand out and sell the right message?

Too often team leaders accept average communication skills as “good enough,” with little regard to how mediocrity can impact their organisation in the long run.

We’ve become so accustomed to average communication skills that mediocre has now become the new normal. We’ve all had to endure death by PowerPoint, or stayed back late to edit someone else’s poorly written business communications.

Are PowerPoints enough?

Mediocre presentations dominated by PowerPoint are less effective at connecting with the audience and often fail to engage. When was the last time Barak Obama used a PowerPoint slide?

Most business communications often contain too much detail. There is a reliance on information and data instead of insights and ideas.

Information is useless unless it is acted on. To drive behaviour and promote action, your team needs to turn information and data into powerful messages and insights. Most people can’t actually tell you the difference between the two.

On average, most professionals we meet are competent communicators. Very few are inspirational. We believe effective communication is a strategic issue which has a real influence on how organisations perform. It must be integral to any process of development and change within an organisation, if that change is to be successful.

How can you strengthen your team’s communication?

In today’s very competitive environment, it is not enough to have the best product, the best service, or the best idea. It is equally important to be able to articulate those ideas – win hearts and minds, and persuade others to your viewpoint. The pen may indeed be mightier than the sword, but in the final analysis, the spoken word is king!

At Black Isle we’ve helped countless team leaders develop their team’s communication beyond “good enough”. Give us a call and we’ll gauge how an investment in your team’s communication will drive value for your department.


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