Can you “codify” the perfect speech?


Digital Speech Analysis can provide “hard” evidence – using modern technology – to prove how your message will be received.

We are extremely excited about a new coaching tool which we have developed, called Digital Speech Analysis. This is quite simply a software programme that maps voice patterns such as pitch, pace and modulation when you speak, and presents this data back in the form of a modulation graph.

The value of this tool is that we can “codify” a person speaking authentically, and then compare this “natural style” with their speech patterns in meetings and presentations. The results are particularly interesting.

Here is just one simple example; in almost all of the relaxed conversations we have recorded, between 50-60% of the time no one is speaking – there is silence. However, in almost all of the presentations we have recorded, only 20-30% of the time is devoted to silence. What this tells us is what we have known for a long time, that in meetings and presentations people tend to transmit too much, and receive too little.

However, the difference is that now, during a coaching session we can immediately present back this technical data in a graphic to prove this, by showing our clients their Digital Speech Map after they have spoken. Then we can give our clients individually techniques to improve the empathy and impact they want to generate for an specific event.

Taking this one level further, Black Isle Group have even mapped out well known political speeches – and we use the Digital Speech Analysis data graphs to illustrate how modulation and voice patterns can generate certain emotional responses in the audience. This is extremely valuable for our clients who want to gain clarity, brevity & impact when they speak.

It is of course a new, and incredibly powerful coaching tool – backed by modern technology – that allows us to deliver truly bespoke skills coaching to our clients for presentations, pitches or negotiations.