How you can develop your Executive Presence – Part 1


The key skills and mindsets to developing executive presence.

We’ve all been in a meeting or event when everything stops when a certain person enters the room. Heads turn and silence falls. That person instantly attracts intense, positive attention. Everyone gravitates toward them in the conversation circle. They have what you might call a “Wow” factor – or Executive Presence.

Executive presence is easy to see and yet hard to define. When you have it, people will want to listen to you, follow you, do business with you, and introduce you to others.

Are people born with executive presence – or can it be learned? It might come easier to some than others, but I believe executive presence is simply a mixture of abilities and communication skills that send out all the right signals. It creates a strong personal brand.

Executive presence goes beyond first impressions. Yes, it is immediately recognisable, but it is also a feeling that grows over time based on the experiences and observations of others. And I don’t think it happens by accident. People with executive presence are self-aware and comfortable with their values so project these values consistently and honestly.

So how can you develop a powerful executive presence too? The key skills and mindsets we help to develop with our clients are:

  • Insight
  • Appearance
  • Physical Presence
  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Etiquette
  • Environment
Read my follow on post where I look at these 7 areas in more detail and offer practical advice on how you can develop more powerful executive presence.