Get to know your Coach – Dorothea Tsoflias


Dorothea is an Executive Coach with substantial experience in a range of Organisational sectors. She has worked as a consultant in the development of people for more than twenty years and as an Executive Coach for the last sixteen of those. Dorothea has delivered numerous coaching skills workshops, chiefly in the Banking and High Tech sector in UK, mainland Europe and USA. She is a professional member of the Association for Coaching and has an MA in Human Resource Development.

Get to know your coach – Dorothea Tsoflias


What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Believe in yourself; And if you cannot or it wavers, act as if you do, including assuming the body language that those with high self-belief demonstrate.


Which book changed your life?

The Games People Play, Eric Berne. My version is from 1964 – which is not when I read it! I read it in 2001 when I was working with a group over an extended period based around the then ‘new’ concept of Emotional Intelligence. Transactional Analysis was a part of this, hence this book being relevant. It is dated in some of the examples used, yet still recognisable in most cases, etc. It helped me identify my own games as well as those of others and therefore what I could change. The challenge continues….


Give one characteristic that you feel every leader should have?

Open Mindedness. Whereas leaders need laser focus to deliver / execute, maintaining an open mind at the same time has many benefits. For example, seeking and noticing new idea and changing / pivoting when necessary. Arguably and most significantly, open mindedness reinforces listening to others, not only to gain other perspectives, but also a deeper understanding of others’ views and values.


What is the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?

Deciding to go self-employed more than 20 years ago. All financial responsibilities were down to me, I had a very young child and I had no knowledge of what was involved. What made me so clear about this decision was the desire for far more independence and choice in what I did and when.


What is the most meaningful part of your job?

Communication and connection with others in order to….

  • Satisfy my curiosity and interest in others, what makes them tick, what will have a significant impact on their success and happiness and then…
  • Using my experience and instinct to support and challenge them.