Get to know the Head of Client Experience – Heidi Head


As Head of Client Experience Heidi works closely with the CEO and Directors to ensure smooth processes and efficiencies across the group. Heidi looks after most things Black Isle, from the day to day running of the office including Accounts; alongside managing and being part of a team of Project Managers.

Heidi obtained a level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership in her first year of working with Black Isle and has used her new skills and knowledge to aid growth within the BIG team and maintain a sense of togetherness and equality. Regular and open communication is something she is passionate about and encourages throughout the company.

Get to know your Project Manager – Heidi Head

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Try your best at everything you do and never give up!


If you want something in life you must work hard to get it, handouts do not come to those that sit on the bench!


Which book/film/event changed your life?

Event: My eldest sibling passed when I was just an early teen and ever since then I believe everything happens for a reason, and even though at the time we may not understand or accept that reason – it is a valid reason nonetheless.

Movie: Well this one is tough as I am a huge Marvel and DC Fan, but, let’s say Wonder Woman and the reason being that she has several characteristics that I’m sure most of us want or already have;

Fearlessness – She leaves the safety of her island without knowing the full potentials of her powers to help a male stranger in saving the world.
Perseverance – She fights for what she believes is right and is never swayed away.
Self-Belief – She knew from a young age that she must fight and fight for what she believes in.
Strength – Being an Amazonian, Wonder Woman has supernatural powers – but that’s not what I mean, I’m talking about her mental strength. The strength she had to leave all that she has ever known, to fight for a world that she has never known or encountered.
Curiosity – Her whole family told her that one man is not worth saving, but did she listen? No! She knew deep down that she must find the answer herself and that is exactly what she did. She immersed herself into a whole new world filled with alien cultures and etiquette.
Humanity and Compassion – A long time ago there was a notion that has since been abandoned, that the Amazonians must defend the “Man’s World”. However, Wonder Woman still held that close, albeit with her own twist based on her feelings and beliefs – she was there to defend those that could not defend themselves.

In my eyes, a true Heroine! I can relate to a lot of the above, but I also need to work on others – self-belief is one of those!


Give one characteristic that you feel every leader should have?

Good communication – If you can’t communicate clearly to your team, how are you going to enable them to succeed. If your team succeeds, you succeed.


What is the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?

Hard one for me to answer as I’m a facts and figures type of gal, so I make calculated risks in life.

I also suffer with stage fright and a huge dislike of presenting in front of others, as I’m sure a lot of people do – so when asked by one of my Directors to partake in a Lip Sync Duet Battle in three days time in front of the whole team you can imagine the feeling I’m going through!

You might ask what I am risking by doing this. Well, personal image, messing it up and of course just plain embarrassing myself in front of my peers and other colleagues. But, in my true style – if I’m going to do something then I’m going to do it the best possible way that I can… Flash back to Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Carlton, Lip sync battle with choreography, outfits and of course Apache “Jump on it” in front of the whole team. “Smashed it”!


What is the most meaningful part of your job?

Working with my team, no matter the challenge or project we always find a way to get it done and never compromise on the quality.

“Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilisation work.” – Vince Lombardi