‘From the Top’ interview with John Sleeman


The show is called; ‘From the Top’. An interview based show that answers those questions and more. In this episode John Miers, chairman of Black Isle Consultants, interviews special guest John Sleeman, founder and president of Sleeman Breweries. Born in Toronto and raised in Ottawa, John spent his childhood somewhat oblivious to his family’s brewing history. However, early on John did open his own English pub stocked with authentic English beers and ran a very successful business. It was then, he was approached by his aunt Florian who, armed with nothing more than a historic beer bottle and the family recipe, encouraged John to rekindle the Sleeman brewing company.

Sleeman Breweries has come along way under the enthusiastic guidance of John Sleeman. It just goes to show how far the will to take risk and hard work can take you.