‘From the Top’ interview with Claudine Labelle


What makes a great leader? Are they born into privilege with a magical set of skills? Or, are leaders a product of their own determination and perseverance? Imagine sitting in on a conversation where you hear some of the most prominent leaders in business, law, sport, academia share insights on what and who inspired them to be the great people they are today. The pitfalls and struggles they experienced along the way. How they overcame them.

The show is called; ‘From the Top’ an interview based show that answers those questions and more.  In this episode listen while John Miers, chairman of Black Isle Consultants, interviews special guest Claudine Labelle.  Hear how a vehicle accident in 2006 was a turning point in her life. As a result, Claudine founded FitSpirit, an organization that inspires, motivates and educates over 65,000 girls aged 13 to 17 across Canada about the benefits of sports, physical activity and a healthy, balanced lifestyle.