Could you benefit from group presentation skills training?


I have just had breakfast with the head of a wealth management business in order to gather some feedback from a group presentation skills training workshop we ran for his Directors.

I was pleased to hear the positive stories (in particular regarding a pitch they made to a new client in Brussels which delivered the biggest deal this year) but also very glad to hear how much he felt the group dynamic had improved as a result of the training.


Whilst at senior level people often prefer the idea of 121 training, group workshops often have advantages, namely:

  • You get more time to digest information and reflect in a group, as the focus isn’t always on you
  • You have a peer group audience to give you quality feedback
  • By preparing and rehearsing as a group, you learn about other people’s methods and styles, which may positively influence you, or give you new ideas
  • You learn at a faster pace by watching others
  • You can see learnings being put into practice – even if you are not able to do something yourself, you can evaluate the success of a technique by watching someone else be successful doing it
  • It is often more enjoyable if you have other people to share successful learning with
  • You build a network of people who have been through a similar experience when you learn in a group
  • You learn more about other parts of the business you work in

Our experience is that a group of 3-4 people over a half day, or 6-8 people over a full day is the optimum number for group training. So if you have a large number of senior people who are looking for help, but you haven’t got the budget for 121 coaching for them all – consider a very practical group presentation skills programme such as our flagship Clarity, Brevity and Impact programme.


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