Could you benefit from better negotiation skills at work?


We have been awash with enquiries for practical negotiation skills over the past few months.

It’s not surprising – in the current economic climate – that good negotiating skills are essential and good negotiation skills training should pay for itself straight away.

So what are the things you should be looking for in a negotiation skills programme?

Focus – Make sure the negotiation skills training is relevant to your business, and your client. Generic training has some value – but unless delegates can walk out of the training room and immediately apply the techniques and skills they have learned, without having to think about how they might adapt them to their role or business area, then there is a chance they will not be put into practise as quickly or accurately as you think.

Simplicity – Negotiation theory can be incredibly complex. Our clients are rarely looking to devote their life to becoming professional expert negotiators, they just want to able to negotiate better in their role, so that they can get more from every negotiation they take part in. So keep the advice simple. For example, our Negotiating for More programme focuses on just three things – Interests, Variables and Communication Strategy. We run a programme in 4 hours which has never failed to deliver an immediate return on investment.

Practical, Usable Skills – I am a great believer in making sure what you learn “works” in the workplace. For example, it is rare for any of our clients to have the time to do more than 15 minutes preparation for a routine meeting. So our preparation model is quick enough to complete in 10 minutes, and during the programme delegates only get 10 minutes to practise for each scenario. Scenarios are written specifically for our clients prior to each programme, so they are relevant, timely and absolutely representative of real negotiations they will take part in after the training event.

If you would like more details on our Negotiating for More programme, which can be tailored specifically for your business area, please get in contact.