It’s not what you say but how you make people feel

Clarity, Brevity & Impact

We built our reputation on this advice – where we unlock and share the secrets of the world’s best communicators.

You get simple, practical advice that allows you to get to the point quicker, say less and enjoy a relaxed conversation with your audience.

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Executive Impact and Influence

It’s all about your ability to engage, inspire and influence others.

We help experienced professionals with significant technical expertise to increase both their presence and impact when they speak.

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More Productive Client Meetings

Designed to help you plan and run more personally effective and commercially productive meetings.

We help you to manage the adrenaline and de-formalise the encounter so that you can build better relationships.

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Win the Pitch

Forget about you. Do you understand what your clients need and how you are going to deliver it for them?

Our expertise and experience in winning both small and large mandates will help to improve your strike rate when you bid for work.

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Negotiate for More

It’s not complicated. It’s all about paying closer attention to the people, the planning and the process.

We refresh and practise business negotiation skills in relevant scenarios. You will pay back the investment the first time you use our advice.

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Practical Networking

Being an effective networker sets you apart from the crowd, both as a leader and as someone who creates more business opportunities.

Our advice will help you to increase your skills so that you are more comfortable and engaging.

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Executive Coaching

Our coaching covers the full range of business needs – from a leader transitioning to an executive wanting to improve their impact.

Personal fit is vital – our coaches are experienced business people with plenty of real world experience.

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Maximise your Media Impact

With over 20 years’ experience of coaching senior corporate figures, government officials and public figures.

Our unique approach delivers a blend of journalistic experience and communications expertise.

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