We pride ourselves on our range of coaches. While their specialisms cover a broad spectrum, they all share a passion for developing people to help themselves and their peers. Our coaching is all about achieving and sustaining success, through both the relationship with the coach, and the data that informs the process. We draw on a variety of established personality profiling and 360° assessment tools, combined with our own robust analytic techniques, to achieve measurable results.

Peer Coaching

One-to-One Executive Coaching

Commercial Communication Skills

Clarity and brevity are crucial to business communication. We’ve helped leaders communicate better for over 20 years, keeping consistent core principles while continually improving our methods. Our flagship masterclass, Clarity, Brevity and Impact, is the foundation for our other communication skill sessions, all of which debunk conventional wisdom in favour of effectiveness. We know that people learn new habits better through experience, so all our sessions are highly practical, with exercises that help participants focus on what they do and how they do it.

Key Event Speaking

Dealing with the Media

Developing Client Relationships

Strategic Pitching

Business Negotiation Skills

Effective Writing

Commercial Storytelling

Clarity, Brevity and Impact

Leading Others

Visible integrity is vital for effective leadership and the ability to inspire others. These sessions help people navigate the critical and challenging passage toward becoming a leader of others. The skills they learn will prepare them to get results from others, while also achieving personal and team-wide success.

Innovation Made Simple

Driving and Leading Change

Interview Skills

Objective Setting

Challenging Conversations

Leading Self

People who understand themselves make more effective and inspiring leaders. We work with people to develop their emotional intelligence, clarify and articulate their purpose and values, and support them as they develop their own authentic style of leadership. In helping them know themselves better, we also give them the skills to maintain a healthy, sustainable perspective on working life.

Personal Brand

Understanding Emotional Intelligence (EQ)


Self Awareness

Leading the Enterprise

We help leaders inspire their fellow leaders more effectively, in a way that’s fit for today’s working environment. Instead of having them on a pedestal at the top of a hierarchy, this is about helping them embody the values and collaborative behaviour that permeate successful modern businesses. These sessions will help them understand the impact of their power at this level, and how best to navigate themselves and the organisation to success.

Facilitation Skills

Stakeholder Management

Executive Presence and Influence

Political Savvy

Practical Networking