Coaching & Skills Development – Resilience

Increase Your Resilience – Change Your Highlight Reel

28th February 2018

How we see the world reflects back on us. Here are 4 ways to increase your resilience.

Leadership Development – Engagement in the workplace

Engagement in the game changing workplace

5th February 2018

Don’t let automation and technology hijack your workplace.

Leadership Development – Is the CEO doomed?

Is the CEO doomed?

24th January 2018

The two main challenges that organisations currently face.

Abstract image of head and shoulders against a black background.

Time to re-think leadership development

6th December 2017

Leadership training and ideologies should not be static. Here are 4 key changes that you need to address to keep your leadership training effective.

Leadership Development - Disengaged and unmotivated employees

What to do if your employees are disengaged and unmotivated

1st November 2017

Here are some suggestions to help get your employees re-engaged and motivated again.

Coaching & Skills Development - Pause and think before you start

Future leaders will need to lead differently, by learning differently

13th September 2017

Leaders of the future need to create space to think and learn. They need to pause.

Usain Bolt: Get to the top with the right coach

Achieve the Pinnacle of Your Success – The right coach will help you

16th August 2017

A strong relationship with the right coach will help you achieve the pinnacle of your success

Do employers need to invest more in soft skills training?

13th July 2017

In an article in The Economist last year, an American editor argues that “elders” are often responsible for millennials not reaching their full potential. The individual claimed that in the age of smart phones, better education, health and a more liberal society, “much of their talent is being squandered.” The opinion piece continued by stressing […]