Client-first skills – Winning business

The Solution

Key factors in the design of our training and support were:

• The need to create rapid “buy in“ at all levels of seniority and experience
• To effect simple and swift behavioural shifts and create “quick wins” for teams
• To embed consistent principles which could be taught “next level down” internally
• To support “real life” client engagements after training
• To embed skills and behaviours.

The result was a very simple programme of one day masterclass programmes, delivered top down (senior management first) with a consistent, simple methodology and intensive use of practical case studies, role play and video coaching.

Black Isle’s approach meant that master classes in networking, presentation skills, pitching and negotiation skills all followed a “golden thread” derived from best practice. Delivering high intensity modular programmes for small groups meant lots of practice, plenty of team working opportunities and a cross fertilisation of ideas within Lloyds Banking Group.

The Result

Engagement scores up 33%, strike rate of pitches up 85%, profitability up 28% over a 12 month period following the start of training ensured that Black Isle continued to run the client first programme for another two years within Lloyds Banking Group.

The course content and trainer had a strong resonance with me and my specific needs. I was able to walk away with several tools that I can deploy in my day-to-day work going forward. The day was also very fun and interactive.


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