The Solution

Black Isle conducted research to extract “live” feedback from a selection of successful and unsuccessful pitch clients. From this, we produced the “Win the Pitch” programme to not only address the developmental feedback, but also to further promote the things that the client did well. On a practical front, the module was highly experiential, as it included advice and coaching, and used video review to provide both objective feedback and the analysis of real scenarios.

The Result

Within weeks of being introduced to the Black Isle methodology, the PMI pitch team used this to successfully win a substantial three-year contract with a leading US financial institution.

Overall, the programme equipped the team to identify “deal winning” commercial considerations and solutions, as well as deliver focused pitches with significant personal impact and credibility, engage in dialogue and handle questions with composure and confidence.

'Telling isn’t selling' and we realised that we weren’t being provocative enough. We needed to ask more challenging questions.


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