The Solution

We put together a programme that helped lawyers to really think about their networking strategy and understand how important it was for their success and that of their firm. A firm-wide programme of short, two-hour sessions for groups of up to 30 lawyers was set up. These sessions mirrored “real” events to create a scenario where the lawyers could practice and embed skills in a realistic setting. We worked on the simple skills that would help to develop confident people who had a powerful initial impact, were good listeners and knew how to develop conversations of interest to anyone they spoke to.

We also broadened the scope of the programme to include social networks and online networking and helped the lawyers to see networking as “business as usual” and something they should always be doing.

The Result

The results of our input are being widely felt across the firm. Referral work is increasing and the lawyers are feeding back that they enjoy events much more. From a client perspective, the firm’s more junior lawyers are now viewed as being more commercially aware and engaged. As a result, the reputation of the firm is being enhanced.

A brilliant format. I have been to several networking courses before and this was by far the most effective. Thank you.


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