The Solution

After consulting with the head of the audit group and her senior team, it was decided to conduct a series of workshops with the audit team. The objective was to arm the audit team with communication skills to help them manage key conversations effectively. The one day workshops included two modules:

Module 1: Clarity/Brevity/Impact
• Participants were taught and practiced the fundamental skills of preparing and delivering impactful presentations.

Module 2: Managing Key Conversations
Participants learned how to:
• Focus on common purpose
• Achieve and grow mutual respect
• Be mindful of changes in their own and other’s behaviour that might signal the meeting is going off the rails

The Result

Audit conversations within this financial institution are consistently being carefully managed to achieve the best results.

Since we ran the training, our auditors feel more confident and comfortable discussing audit results. We’re consistently getting favourable feedback from other functional heads of departments within our institution saying they view us as a partner, not an impediment.


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