The Solution

The Black Isle Group created a unique simulation to test and observe leaders in an environment that replicated exactly the challenges facing them every day. Through interventions and coaching the process then guided each leader to navigate the challenges successfully. The process helped the attendees learn how to communicate with clarity even in the face of uncertainty. It also encouraged the adoption of fresh thinking and strategies. The simulation used Hogan Psychometric to identify how each person responded to pressure. This helped to increase self-awareness and gave the leaders the ability to observe and modify their own behaviour to achieve a better result.

The Result

Each leader emerged better equipped to manage crisis situations. An ability to overcome their own responses to pressure, and to execute clear decision making and communication even in the fog of battle proved transformational for the entire organisation. Most of all, the experience transformed the comfort levels and satisfaction of leaders, and by doing so, renewed their personal investment in the success of the organisation.

My day-to-day approach to situations has changed substantially; decision-making, communication styles and confidence have led to improved relationships with different stakeholders. I have adapted my approach re: derailers and consciously strive to not fall into default mode. I believe that the programme has changed me for the better, which can only positively impact the business now and in the future. The awareness and confidence boost have been great.


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