The Solution

Black Isle were asked to provide an innovative solution which would simulate the high pressure, volatile and complex situations of every day work, and then enable participants to operate successfully at this level, through:

– Maintaining focus under pressure by noticing response style and identifying personal triggers
– Adopting new strategies to enable clear decision making in complex and volatile situations
– Communicating with clarity and purpose during periods of uncertainty

We used a Hogan Psychometric with a mixture of simulation exercises and coaching to find out what happens to people under pressure, find alternative approaches and adjust communication styles to enhance personal impact.

The Result

Using processes used in critical teams to manage crisis situations, participants developed their own processes to better manage their activity and energy. The increased personal insight helped them provide greater perspectives to their own feelings of pressure, which, together with the addition of communication structure and delivery skill, has enabled them to lead in a much more impactful that reflects the needs of the bank, together with the needs of people around them.

My day-to-day approach to situations has changed substantially; decision-making, communication styles and confidence have led to improved relationships with different stakeholders. I have adapted my approach re: derailers and consciously strive to not fall into default mode. I believe that the programme has changed me for the better, which can only positively impact the business now and in the future. The awareness and confidence boost has been great.


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