The Solution

After several meetings with the Heads of Talent and Leadership, Learning and Development, we designed a 3-module learning package that was designed to take each business leader from the good to outstanding level, in terms of their ability to engage, inspire and influence others.

Module 1 was a full-day masterclass that set the bar and showed each business leader the levels of natural impact, engagement and authenticity that define truly memorable and inspirational leaders.

Module 2 was a series of half-day coaching sessions for groups of 4 people one month later, where they practised applying the knowledge they had learned on day one.

Module 3 was a one to one coaching session, provided one month later. Here, we took the time with everyone to test and evaluate their performance and then tried to help reinforce their new skill levels in the role.

The Result

This programme is ongoing as we run at least one programme each month for our client as we continue to work through the senior management of the bank, and deliver follow-up sessions after 12 months to several executives who attended the programme.

You ran a superb session at our talent event yesterday – spot on with the content and delivered in a clear and engaging way. For me, it was the highlight of the day.


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