The Solution

Black Isle Group was asked to help the company develop its next generation of leaders. The aim was to change the culture of leadership within the business, focusing on Network Leadership, and bringing about a measurable impact on the organisation through positive change.

The Result

The programme concluded with a final event at the end of 2016, where participants presented their stretch business project results and demonstrated a significant return on investment. We carried out 360° assessments in combination with the coaches’ feedback, which assessed behavioural change.

The change in development continues into this year’s talent group. Black Isle has also been engaged to drive further the new leadership framework we created, reaching into the business lines and embedding the new culture in middle-management layers.

Potentially life-changing... as a sliding doors moment... I am fitter, healthier, more balanced at work, more confident, with a clearer focus. I am better prepared going forward for whatever challenges come up wherever.


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