Instilling a coaching culture

The Solution

Our discovery work revealed a number of potentially competing leadership frameworks. These had been derived from across the bank, within specific functional areas as well as from critical situations the participants were expected to perform at exceptional levels. Out of these we derived 6 critical transitions to stimulate the creation of a common language of successful leadership. Once the client had signed this off we developed a participant experience by collaborating with other suppliers – it was the clients preference to have a multi-supplier programme, with strong partnerships developed through experiencing each other’s workshops to facilitate design of interventions including workshops, webinars and peer coaching sessions. Together the sessions provided the skills and knowledge, whilst the peer coaching sessions enabled practicing and embedding of these skills into participants’ work contexts. Key to the success of the programme was the use of a psychometric instrument at the start to help participants create their own personal roadmap for change – where they captured their own reflections on their strengths and opportunities for improvement against the critical transitions.

The Result

The programme was piloted in the UK, then rolled out in the US, India and SE Asia. Three cohorts, each of around 100 participants, have commenced the programme with a further 2 cohorts planned for 2020. As part of the programme, participants are required to report back on impacts made in their own parts of the organisation, via sharing success stories to their peer coaching groups. They also network across the cohort, building relationships and expanding their ability to influence more widely.

Impact was measured through net promoter scores from participants which was greater than 60 for all interventions.

Over time, it’s hoped with increasing numbers of participants, to create a cultural shift in leadership with this group leading the way.

“I have actually taken on a risk based role at the request of my Managing Director which I would never have done pre-programme…”


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