Instilling a coaching culture

The Solution

Deep diving into the business, we emerged with a clear view of the specific legacy issues hindering change within the bank. To counter these issues, we identified six critical transitions that would give the leadership team a shared ambition and a common language about the intended future direction. At the client’s request, we then developed a multi-supplier programme involving workshops, webinars and peer coaching sessions. Involving trusted partners in the process brought the bank’s leadership team into close contact with people and ideas from outside the organisation. Workshops and webinars were used to introduce fresh skills and knowledge whilst peer to peer coaching sessions helped to apply that learning to real work environments. A psychometric instrument was used throughout the process to help each individual leader create their own personal roadmap to change.

The Result

The programme was piloted in the UK, then rolled out in the US, India and SE Asia. Three cohorts, each of around 100 participants, have commenced the programme with a further 2 cohorts planned for 2020. As part of the programme, participants are required to report back on impacts made in their own parts of the organisation, via sharing success stories to their peer coaching groups. They also network across the cohort, building relationships and expanding their ability to influence more widely.

Impact was measured through net promoter scores from participants which was greater than 60 for all interventions.

Over time, it’s hoped with increasing numbers of participants, to create a cultural shift in leadership with this group leading the way.

“I have actually taken on a risk based role at the request of my Managing Director which I would never have done pre-programme…”


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