The Solution

Black Isle Group designed the Driving Change & Executive Presence modules to specifically help the Senior Leadership and these modules were implemented as group workshops and one to one sessions throughout the UK.

The first thing that the Black Isle Group Executive Presence course did was to help the Senior Manager realise that he needed to change what he was doing himself before he could change others.

He knew the core of his message but was struggling to keep it succinct and effective, which meant breaking it down to capture hearts and minds was proving a challenge.

The Result

Using the Black Isle Pyramid Structure method, the Senior Manager was able to distill down his key point so that it could be delivered concisely. This was then matched with a radical idea to make the message both seriously impactful and memorable, now that he was armed with new skills, tools and a fresh approach.

Not only did he successfully deliver his message, and in doing so help to speed up the rapid technological change that company was looking for, his message was delivered in a way that not only brought everyone on board, but also ensured they all felt valued.

I had a pitch to deliver and went for it. Short, sweet and to the point. The usual ‘I’m stuck in my Blackberry’ mob actually sat up and listened – the surprise, ‘lights on’ moment was delivered… Fantastic result!


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