Black Isle Group - Delivering a critical shift

The Solution

Working with a number of senior stakeholders across a network of centres in China, India, Malaysia and Poland we created a set of competencies linked to 3 behavioural transitions participants were required to make:

• Subject Matter Expert to Trusted Partner
• Business Communicator to Executive Communicator
• Business Advisor to Strategic Advisor.

After defining what exceptional looked like, we set about diagnosing where the participants currently measured against that criteria. We used 3 data points: a Hogan Personality Profile, 360 feedback and a competency based interview.

These 3 data points were used to write a report for every one of over 100 participants’ strengths and potential development areas against the competencies. Each participant received a one to one coaching debrief of their report in order to support them in initiating their Personal Development Plan (PDP).

Each of the participants then attended a 3-day Development Centre where they attended 3 masterclasses of skill development around the 3 behavioural transitions; Business Consultancy, Executive Communication and Thought Leadership. What they learned in each masterclass was then put into practice via a set of dynamic simulations that built on each other in complexity and challenge over the 3 days. The bespoke simulations were designed to reflect the critical business interactions that participants faced and offered them the opportunity to apply their learning immediately.

Throughout the development centre the participants were trained to coach each other and provide feedback in order to support the behaviour change process and practice their key communication skills. The participants used what they learnt during the Development Centre to refine their PDPs and they then worked in peer coaching groups to focus on delivering real change in the business over a 5 month period.

Black Isle Group - Delivering a critical shift

The Result

The impact of the programme was measured through conducting a second 360 feedback exercise as well as qualitative feedback from senior stakeholders. The 360 results showed an increase in ratings of 49% across all competencies for all participants. The programme itself received a 94% approval rating from participants.

The course was focused on conveying a discrete number of key points which could immediately be applied and make a material difference.


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