Changing lives in Kenya


The impact you’ll make: The local schools and educational facilities are very dilapidated and erosion from seasonal flooding is threatening the buildings foundations making them liable to collapse. You will help by building or renovating school buildings and tackling erosion so that the children have a clean and safe academic environment in which to thrive.

Our Camps: Camp Tsavo gives you the chance to experience life in the real African wilderness. Surrounded by the picturesque Marungu Hills that lie close to the world famous Tsavo National Parks, this area is famed for its wildlife and providing a safe haven for elephants, lions, cheetahs and other amazing animals. The camp itself is situated in the heart of the charming local village, where you will experience authentic African culture and hospitality so welcoming that you won’t want to leave.

Travel dates: Group 1: 9-16 June | Group 2: 14-22 June 2019

By focusing our support on local schools, we can provide classrooms, water storage facilities, and kitchens which will quite literally save lives

Tim Richardson