Consulting & People Strategy - Trust

Wonky Wonga: a failure to understand trust

5th September 2018

How do you demonstrate yourself as trustworthy?

Talent Analytics - AI Recruitment

Can AI perfect the recruitment process?

19th March 2018

With an increasing number of ways to recruit, are we ready to hand over the decision making to AI?

Coaching & Skills Development- Time for a change in employee development

Making it stick: time for a change in employee development

11th October 2017

Why is it that people know what they should do, but don’t do it?

The Battle of Waterloo

Waterloo: 5 Leadership lessons from Napoleon & The Duke

20th September 2017

Leadership observations from the Battle of Waterloo and two of the world’s greatest military leaders.

Consulting People Services

Liberation from Decks: How to go from 62 slides to 3.

5th July 2017

Lengthy decks aren’t always the best choice.